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Hey i just joined so i thought i'd post.

I first saw Infected play a few years ago at Earthcore (Vic, aus) and it was awesome. I'd heard some of their older stuff before that. I dont particularly Infected's newest stuff compared with their older stuff.

Are there other Aussies on this group?

I went to Skazi (in Melb) on Sunday night and they sounded great. If you havnt heard it (tho ya probably have) you've gotta hear Skazi's remix of 'I wish' (by infected), it was especially cool to hear it live.

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hi! im liz, i only just discovered infected mushroom in the last few months but god damn, ive been missing out so bad! anyway, i was lucky enough to find out about them just in time for their australian tour and they were amazing! i saw them on the 5th of march and im still talking about it, i had the best night! and it was my first rave so i thought they'd be an awesome one to start with. anyway, im babbling, i just wanted to state the obvious and gush for a while about how unbelievable they were =)
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with DI.fm crew on the scene!

Wednesday, November 24, 2004, Thursday, November 25, 2004

9:00 PM
U.S. Western Time

On Wednesday night (Thursday morning), November 24th at New York's Avalon Nightclub, LIRAN S (Trancemotion Productions Presents:
New CD release party – “IM the supervisor”.

In their fifth album Erez Aizen & Amit Duvdevani bring forth their talents in full force, taking the listeners on a journey into the yet un-explored corners of Trance, proving once again why they are the no.1 act in the world today.
Digitally Imported Radio is proud to present a live video/audio feed right from the club. If you live in the New York area, come out and party with us. If you can't make it, then don't worry because we will bring the party to you as always. Simply tune into DI's Trance or Goa-Psy channel and join thousands of "virtual party goers" to hear and see an always incredible Infected Mushroom live session!

Experience the video stream in great quality (400k Windows Media) with images of the club live! It's a show not to be missed!

Infected Mushroom Website: http://www.infected.co.il

Where: Simulcast on Trance Channel & Goa-Psy channel

Link: http://www.di.fm/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=67013